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Big Tank Proportions - Golden Section?

Hi All,

I'm dreaming up a new tank and would like some advice.  I currently have a 60
gallon breeder that is 24 inches deep, maintenance is admittedly easier
compared to what it would be if it were deeper.  However, after reading the
Amano books and the Dupla website (beautiful photos) and George Booths website
(ditto on the photos) and what little I can find on "Dutch" aquariums, I have
sufficient data to come to a stalemate on tank choice.  I was originally
considering a 6 foot long tank.  Then I read Amanos comments about the Golden
Section ratio of 3:5, tank depth:length ratio.  Even if I scale back to a 5
foot tank (George's favorite length) that's a 3 foot tank depth to maintain
that ratio.  Given about 5 inches of substrate and a little headroom, top of
water to top of substrate is about 30 inches. I'm thinking of a pair of 250
watt MH bulbs to get the punch needed to light the deeper water.  I'm also
thinking of having it drilled and I can envision a plumbing setup that would
allow me to drain it down to 24 inches of water in the main tank if I use a
sump.  Still, 36 inches of glass all around is quite a wall....

Thanks for any comments.

Tom Wood