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Re: Potassium Nitrate

I'm only new to this list but I did work in the fertiliser trade for many
years and know a little bit about fertilisers. Most dictionaries state that
saltpetre is Potassium Nitrate. However, generally it depends in which
country you live in and where you are purchasing it from. In the smallgoods
trade you will probably get Sodium Nitrate or Sodium Nitrite which are used
for curing meat. The name "saltpetre" is not generally used in agriculture? 

Sulphate of Potash (Potassium Sulphate) is a broad acre granular fertiliser
for farming. Nitrate of Potash (Potassium Nitrate) is similar. Both these
forms usually have the same analysis as the better grades but are hard to
dissolve in water and may have a few contaminates. The type of Potassium
Nitrate I assume would be more suitable for aquatic plants would be the
soluble form used in trickle irrigation and hydroponic farming and should be
available form any supplier in this area of agriculture. Its a purer fine
grade white powder and is very soluble. You can also get a product called
Potassium Nitrate (fines) but it is just a crushed form of the granular product.

Adrian Tappin