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Bad C02?

Hi all,

I have several 10g tanks in my basement that I've been using to experiment
with different substrates.  This one is about 4 months old and has topsoil
underneath quartz pool filter sand.  Anyway, it suddenly became very cloudy,
whitish, it got so bad that I couldn't see through to the middle of the
tank.  Did partial water changes and it always clouded up again by the next
day.  I then did several 100% water changes, again cloudy the next day.
Finally I remembered that the DIY Co2 bottle was about 6-7 weeks old, but
still producing plenty of gas.  I removed the bottle, did another 100%
change and guess what, no more cloudy water.  I waited a few days to make
sure that was the problem and hooked up a new bottle.  A week later
everythings still fine.

So does this stuff go bad?  Anyone else ever had this probem?

Bob Ashcraft