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KNO3 Source

I did a flame test on Green Light Stump remover several years ago and
got a bright yellow flame which is an indication that it is sodium (not
potassium) nitrate.

While both sodium and potassium nitrate share the common name of
saltpeter and nitre, its usually a craps shoot unless the packing lists
specific ingredients.

My local garden supply store has several products listed as "nitrate of
potash, sulphate of potash, etc" and lists analysis as percentage of
"K2O".  Does anyone have any experience using these suppliments?  Can we
assume that sulphate of potash is potassium sulphate or are these types
of supplements too impure for our use?

Lyndle Schenck

Larry Botkin wrote:

    I'm looking for a source for Potassium Nitrate (KNO3). 

Green Light Stump Remover is pure KNO3, as mentioned in the Tim Mullins
post on PMDD.  It is sold at Home Despot.  But, being the sceptic and
suspicious of actually pouring stump remover into my tank, I called
Light's tech support people to confirm it.  They are in San Antonio,
Texas.  I
suspect that all the stump removal products are the same thing, but I
vouch for them - call 'em if you can't find the Green Light brand.