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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V3 #236

Matthew Mason wrote:

> Geez Roger.  Read before you respond.  If your responses are intended to
> bash then do it directly to the source.

It was a response, not a flame (or bash).  Perhaps the humor was hard to
appreciate but it wasn't a flame.

> There was no reason for your
> response.  Take your crappy response to another list where bashing and
> slander are expected.  Prigs (look up the definition to the word - it does
> not mean what you think it does) are not appreciated here.  It was a
> legitiment post and had enough info for a reasonable response.

I think that I provided as much of a response as was possible with the 
information provided.  I also asked a number of questions that if 
answered on the list might make it possible for me of for others
to provide more useful feedback.

> I am sure
> that the rest of the APDers would agree.

Well, there's many on the list who aren't shy about signaling their
agreement or disagreement, so I guess we'll see.

I remember back when the list was still pretty new that people tried to
put together a helpful form or at least some guidelines about the
information that should be provided when writing in with problems like
Matthew's friends'.  Did that ever get finished?  Does anyone happen to
have one handy? 

Roger Miller