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re: Canadian Plant producer


The Belyjo company in Quebec only supplies plants on a wholesale basis.
There selection is somewhat limited as they are just now coming into
commercial production on a wide scale. 

Their products are available on the web from Distinguished Aquarium
Designs of Edmonton, http://www.dadsfish.com/. This company also carries
a full line of Aquatic plants from Tropica of Denmark, and Oriental
Aquarium of Singapore.

The Belyjo plants that I have seen (and bought, needless to say :-))
from DAD's FishRoom were healthy and quite large for the price. They
even carry a cunning Sagittaria subulata 'carpet', where they we've
small plantlets into a fine mesh and allow to spread out before sale.
Instant foreground 'lawn' for the aquarium.

I hope this helps.


Kim Hay
The Stonehaven Group
Edmonton, AB
khay at v-wave_com

Edmonton, where summer has arrived 2 months early!