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petswarehouse shipment

well several people asked for my comments on the shipment I was expecting from
pets warehouse so here it is.

Ceraophyllium thalicroides @$5.00 per dozen or
Ceraophyllium siliquosa @ $5,00 per dozen
      I received only one of these not the other.  Someone forgot to seal the
      bag they were in and they seem quite dried out.  I'll try salvaging them
     but what about the other plant?  Is it comming on a later shipment?

Cryprtocoryne wendti @$5.00 per dozen
     These came in healthy but a little small and I'm questioning if they are
     really wendti.  Time will tell if the grow.

Echinodrous amazonia @$5.00 per dozen
    Wow really nice healthy plants. local pet stores would get at least $3.00
    for one of these plants.

Echinodrous bleheri @ 7.49 per dozen
   Again very good looking plants very pleased. These ocassionally show up in
    stores at out $7.50 per plant at this size and freshness.

Vallisneria Spiralis
     Not include with the shipment?

Overall the prices were a bargain for the quality that I received.  I can see
where the
pet stores seldom get some varieties in becaiuse while I'm really trilled with
the quality
of some plants others I would not be sell if I owned a shop.