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Re: water changes at night.

 thanks for your input on the CO2 dilemma and I have been extra dense. Just
 reading what you wrote made me realize something crucial. By the time I do
 a water change the water has evaporated down a bit and the spray bar is
 moving the surface around more... depending on how I last situated it...
 even spashing a bit. After a water change I fill the tank right up... and
 bingo... less oxygen... and yes, I often do it in the evening seeing as I
 have one of those annoying nine to five jobs that interfers with my hobby.
 <g> After this I will adjust my spray bar to move the surface more at
 night. (and quit the job, of course, so I have more time to mess with my
 tanks!) [wish, wish]
 Thanks again,
 Olga >>

What I do is have my lights on a timer that turns them on at around noon
and off at about midnight.  This puts the light cycle closer to the schedule
I'm at home so I can enjoy my tanks after the natural sun goes down.  This
should also assist your problem unless your tanks are getting a lot of natural
light during the morning hours.