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re:Sera [Plus a description of my new plants!]

In message "Sera", Dave Gomberg writes:

>Subject: Sera
>Where can one find Sera products by mail order?    

I just received my order from Arizona Aquatic Gardens, which 
included several Sera products.  I bought the Fe test kit, which
at 10.49, was quite a bit cheaper than some others.  I don't 
know how it can possibly compare to a $50 LaMotte kit, but we'll 
see if it shows me anything at all.  The initial testing read
zero. I also got a bottle of their trace element addititive "florena" which
they recommend adding once per week.  I ordered their planting tabs
"florenette" but these were back ordered and did not arrive (and
weren't charged for either).  They can be found on the web at 
http://www.rosemart.com/aq-gardens/ or by calling 1-800-942-4523.

The plants arrived in good shape, not folded or damaged in any way.
Because this is my first planted tank, I ordered easy to grow (I
*think*) and quick growing plants: some contortionist vals for sides
and back, some dwarf subulata sags for foreground, Sunset hygro
(rosanervis), diandra and some java moss to fill in.  The "big" money
was spent on two ruffle swords and an ozelot (red spot) - these were
medium size and unpotted - one of the ruffles has a flowering stem on
it (or something like that anyway).  The other "big money" I spent was
on a potted rangeri sword, which was absolutely gorgeous when it
arrived in perfect condition.  A couple friends gave me some jungle
vals, hygro difformis, and one really nice small Amazon sword -
thanks, Walter & Tom!  

These all were planted in a 55 gal tank with about 30 pounds each of
flourite/gravel mixed to make about a 2.5 inch deep bed over an old
UGF plate which has been wired for a substrate heater per several
articles on the web.  (Power supply is a 12V battery charger).  I'm
running DIY CO2 into the intake of my Magnum 350, with the output
valve turned down a bit to prevent the water from really riling the
surface.  All these species can supposedly survive warm temps, so the
tank is at 82, on it's way to 84 for my discus.  No fish are currently
in the tank, however I need to definitely add some otos and an SAE

A long answer to the "where's Sera" question, but, hey... I just had
to brag about finally actually planting something (this has been in
progress for over a year and a half!).