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Re: know the parental line?

S.K.Unnikrishnan <sku at pacific_net.sg> wrote:
> I want to know the parental plants of the following varities.
> Echinodorus sp var 'rose'
> E . sp var 'apart'
> E . sp var  'ozelot'

There is no difference between a young plant and an older plant which is
sending out offshoots except for the stage of development. If you get
small specimens you can grow them to a mature size in 3-4 months under
good conditions. 

Inducing propagation in many cases is triggered by the light duration.
The length of the darkness is most critical; even a small amount of
light can disturb the biochemical timers especially red light. For many
plants the flowering period is induced by 12 hour lighting which
simulates fall (or spring) equinox. I don't know if this is true for all
flowering aquatic plants; maybe someone else can comment. 

To find more on the subject of light induced flowering, search the
Aquatic Plants Digest archives using "far red" as part of the search

The idea of a special type of "mother" plant arises because some
aquarium plant catalogues sell a type of plant referred to as a mother
plant. This is merely a large, mature plant which is capable or in the
process of sending out adventitious plant shoots.
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