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Re: American Flagflish

     >>With all of the Flagfish discussion going on I decided to look it up. 
     >>Was listed in one reference in the 'Toothed Carp' family.  One LFS 
     >>guy told me it was a Cichlid.  An APDer called it a Killiefish.  
     >>Anyone care to clear this up?
     >The flagfish, Jordanella floridae, belongs to the family 
     >Cyprinodontidae, which is the killifish family.  The family 
     >Cyprinidae contains carps and minnows, and the similar family name 
     >may have caused some confusion.  Cichlids and flagfish are not even 
     >closely related--they belong to different Orders (Perciformes and 
     >Atheriniformes, respectively).
     What was I thinking?  Flagfish do indeed belong to the Family 
     Cyprinodontidae, which is the killifish family, but it is also 
     obscurely known as the "egg laying toothed carp" family (Cyprinodont 
     means "toothed carp").  The "livebearing toothed carps" are the Family 
     Poecilidae--platys, mollies, and swordtails.
     I know, I know--read twice, respond once.