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Re:Software for CO2 control

Barry Barlow Wrote:

>Hi everybody,
>	Does anyone know of software for a pc that would take the place of a PH
>Barry Barlow
>bbarlow at camcomp_com

It just so happens that I am now evaluating the PC Turtle from Hanna Instruments. It is a device that attaches to a serial port on a PC and logs and graphs the pH in a tank. It comes with probe, transmitter (w/rs232 9 pin input), and software runnibg under Windows 3.1.1 and 95.

What might make it a controller is that it features a high and low pH allarm. It shouldn't take an electronic guru long to attach a switch to the speaker. The Turtle sells for less than $70.00 US

Best to you

Ric Cooney
RicCooney at Worldnet_att.net

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