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Re: PetsWarehouse Plants

In a message dated 98-04-28 04:57:21 EDT, you write:

<< >  Has anyone received plants they ordered from PETSWAREHOUSE on line?
 >     There prices seem really good $5.00 per dozen on many varieties almost
 >      to good to be real.  Is the quality there? >>

I just ordered a bunch of plants from them about 2 weeks ago. Called to check
on status of order and was told by a very nice lady that they order every two
weeks and that I might not receive all my order at once, depends on the
availability of their supplier. Was also told that they get very good quality
plants, but if I have any problems they will replace them. This is apparently
a smaller Mom & Pop store (as compared to large chains) and they seem to care
about the customer. Haven't received my order yet, but will let you know when
I do.

Sandy Davis