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Re: Co2 Dilemma

Olga wrote:

>Perhaps someone on the APD can help with this puzzle. Lately I have had
>unhappy fish in the morning due to high CO2 levels.


I have been having the same exact problems, so I hope you get a lot of
responses as to what could be causing this.

I know some people turn off their CO2 at night, but that supposedly causes
large swings in the pH, which, of course, is not recommended.  I have found
a temporary "work-around" solution, which  evolves adjusting a filter output
a little more toward the water surface. I know I am probably losing some CO2
by doing this, but it keeps the fish from struggling.  My Kh and pH levels
also indicate a safe level of CO2 (so does my LaMotte CO2 test kit), but you
would never know it from how the fish are behaving.  I am beginning to
believe it is more of an O2 deficiency than a CO2 surplus.

Any thoughts from the List would be much appreciated.


Ken Guin
Kenguin at homemail_com