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Re: CO2 Reactors #2

I read your post too fast and didn't realize your tank was 200L not 200
gallons! I am using a SERA reactor on a 250L tank. It works great. It is a
very small reactor and does the job. As for the  ventilation for the excess
gases (N2, O2), this does not seem to be a problem, perhaps because of its
small size the CO2 pushes out the other gases through the bottom of the
reactor. Also if you circulated the water through the reactor using a
separate submersible  pump on a timer, or even stopping the main filter if
it is powering the reactor (as described in my other post) the reactor
would expel all the accumulated gases during the time when the pump was
stopped; However, I haven't found this to be necessary.(My water is very
soft, If you have hard water and required more CO2, this might be