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Re: Aponogeton undulatus

Vernon D. Matheson wrote:

>I have what I believe to be two apon. undulatus in the process of flowering.
>However both these plants are sending up second and third stalks which are
>terminating in a large non apon looking leaf which is an olive greenish
>color and lays flat on the water surface. These leaves are approx 4" -  6"
>in length.
>I have researched Karen Randall's article at the Krib on this and it
>mentioned that this apon seldom flowers but will send out stocks which
>produce adventitious plantlets. Are these large singular leaves the "

Those large singular leaves sound like floating leaves to me, and, if they
are, your plant is not undulatus, which almost always produces small
plantlets instead of flowers and almost never produces floating leaves.
Perhaps you have A. echinatus, which produces underwater and, later,
floating leaves.

Paul Krombholz, in warm central Mississippi.