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Nature Aquarium Imports/Peat

Hi everyone:

Something was posted this morning that I'd like to clarify.  Sorry to
take up the space.

Some few of you may have received the Nature Aquarium Newsletter that
Mr. Dixon spoke of.  It is a email newsletter sent to inform people
about Aqua Design Amano's products and events in the US.

The addresses to the people who received the Newsletter WERE NOT
OBTAINED FROM THE APD!  I have deliberately NOT allowed the business
people for Nature Aquarium Imports to get a listing of the people in the
APD.  THe people who received the newsletter are only the people who
requested ADA calendars some time ago.  We figured they were interested
in Amano products and may like to know more about them.  In fact, the
newsletter is very clear in stating that if you consider it spam, please
let us know and we will remove you from our database.

It is very difficult to determine what someone will consider SPAM or
useful information.  This was clearly evident to me when I posted my
review of the English Aqua Journal.  Some of you thought it was SPAM
others found it interesting.

In any event, rest assured that Nature Aquarium Imports does not have a
list of all of your email addresses.  

On a different point, with regards to the peat comment made on the
Newsletter and forwarded hear by Bob, I think it is not worded
correctly.  I have sent an email to Bob to that respect and told the
Nature Aquarium Imports people the same thing.

First, pumice stone, as far as I know, is an inert stone.  It should not
buffer pH in any direction.  However, due to the peat ingredient in
Power Sand, it actually reduces the pH of the substrate solution rather
than increase it.

Secondly, peat is a common substrate for growing root-feeding plants. 
There are very good reports of people growing crypts and swords with
almost 100% peat.  I have good results growing Aponogetons in peat. 
However, peat does not have the HIGHEST CEC of any material as may be
interpreted from the Newsletter.  It does have a higher CEC than
laterite and I think that was what it should have said.  For more info,
please refer to Jim Kelly's article on substrates and I think Steve
Pushak also has a good article on substrates.

Lastly, please be assured that Nature Aquarium Imports IS NOT IN
manufacturer products.  We merely bring in Mr. Amano's products into the
U.S. and try to make them available to the public.  Please, everyone, if
one of Aqua Design Amano's products seems to defy the current thinking,
please ask.  As you all know, there are many ways of growing plants.

Of all of Amano's products, I think Power Sand is one of the least
controversial.  ADA does have some products that I think won't be
accepted in the US market.  For example, they have a German line of
products called "PENAC."  It is supposed to bring the biorythm of the
materials back to where it should be.  Who knows, it may work, but I
doubt many of your would actually buy the products to find out.

Sorry about the long post and its commercial nature.


Art Giacosa