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Nature Aquarium Imports

I have been subscribed to the Nature Aquarium Newsletter.  Since they deal in
their own version of a "Dupla" type system, and I see Ken Guin's email address
in the header, I assume someone harvested our names from the list.  NOT COOL!!

Be that as it may, they make a statement I find interesting.  I paste herein:

>A secondary, but not less important, material in Power Sand is peat.  Peat is
a >wonderful substance that is commonly used in aquariums to lower the pH and
soften >water.  This is a good characteristic of peat since it lowers the pH
of the substrate to a >range that is optimal for nutrient uptake by the roots.
Also, peat has a high cation >exchange capacity (CEC) which essentially means
the ability of a substance to hold an >element.  It acts as a nutrient
storehouse for plant roots.
From what I have read on this list, I have gained the understanding that peat
has a really lowsy LOW CEC.  Have I gotten confused in trying to acquire
knowledge here, or are they in conflict with the generally accepted theories
of the experienced aquatic plant folks on this list?

Also: The primary ingredient of this Power Sand substrate is Pumice gravel.
In my experience pumice tends to buffer pH upward, which is inconsistent with
the goals of folks working with Discus, Apistogrammas, Angels, and other South
American fish.  Anyone else have experience with pumice in their tanks?

Bob Dixon