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Re: Flagfish are the best

Mike writes:

<< This is just to thank the person who suggested using flagfish in place of
> the hard to find SAE.  I got 8 flagfish of a 90 gal tank that had a
> terrible, awful green hair algae problem.  After about 10 days I have gone
> from a nightmare to a perfectly, absolutely clean tank.  I was sick at the
> time I bought the fish so I did not even mechanically remove any of the
> algae, the fish did all the work.  They have not touched any plants, even
> softies like combomba or hygros which my previous rainbows loved to eat.
> Can't say good enough stuff about those wonderful american flagfish.
BONUS: since they are killies, they are easy to "propagate".  I think they are
peat spawners, but they might prefer a sunken mop.  Also, I have seen and
collected them in the Indian River, which is part of Florida's brackish
intercoastal waterway.  And they are more colorful than SAE's.  And if you go
to your LFS and they are clueless about what SAEs are, they'll know what
flagfish are and how to get them.

Bob Dixon