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Re:aerating yeast bottle or maybe adding hydrogen peroxide

Hi all and especially the chemists out there,

But first I must clarify my "exploding yeast problem" comment. I have heard
of airstones backing up in that manner but what I meant to say was that the
whitish slime clung to all the plants,and accessories in long trailing
plumes. Pretty gross and smelly too. I had this problem after I tried to
aerate the tank to kill off the bacteria the yeast might be consuming by
adding a tsp. of 35% hydrogen peroxide(O2 and water, right?) Bad move, I
even lost some fish. Seems to me it shouldn't have hurt though, but I'm not
a card carrying chemist, that's for sure. My question to Paul Krombholz and
other chemist types is would adding hydogen peroxide to the DIY CO2 mix,
add oxygen to it safely? I'm a little nervous to try it after my previous
fiasco. If so, how much would you reccommend and how often?

Susan Romano