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PMDD Alternative/ Liquidoser

Here's an interesting product for the PMD formulators out there. There is a
product from hw Weigandt Gmbh called ferro vit. Its description is a
chelated Iron fertilizer for plants. It is availble from many of the mail
order houses in the US, and I have found it at a few aquarium shops in the
SF bay area. It cost $19.95 U.S for 1000ml, $6.95 for 250 ml mail order.
This compares to Duplaplant 24 from the same catalog for 39.95 for 100ml.
So about 20 times cheaper then the Dupla product. (miravit is their vitamin
trace element formulation) I sent for the analysis this is what I was

Analysis of: hw ferro Vit             :mira vit

Iron            Fe      1605    ppm     500
Magnesium       Mg      500     ppm     300
Manganese       MN      250     ppm     250
Copper          Cu      250     ppm     250
Molybdenium     Mo      50      ppm     50
Zinc            Zn      50      ppm     50
Boron           B       50      ppm     50
Iodine          I       6.25    ppm     1.54
Bromine         Br      4.03    ppm     10
Potassium       K       3.90    ppm     5.8
Sodium          Na      1.79    ppm     0
Rubidium        Rb      1.70    ppm     4.24
Flouride        F       1.27    ppm     3.13
Caesium         Cs      0.88    ppm     2.20
Strontium       Sr      0.79    ppm     0.25
Nickel          Ni      0.63    ppm     1.54
Cobalt          Co      0.55    ppm     0.65
Chromium        Cr      0.45    ppm     1.00
Lithium         Li      0.39    ppm     1.00
Selenium        Se      0.24    ppm     0.60
Bismut          Bi      0.22    ppm     0.40
Arsenic         As      0.19    ppm     0.50
Vanadium        V       0.16    ppm     0.50
 p-hydroxydbenzonat      1000   ppm     0
tetraacetic acid         15546  ppm     8350

solvent H20                             solvent H2O

Maybe someone can help me calculate how to mix this to create the
equivalent to Dupla drops and/or the equivalent to PMDD.?

Also is any one familiar  with Eheim's liquidoser. It looks like their fish
feeder with a liquid proof rotating container. Does it work well?

Thanks Larry