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Dupla regimen

An APD member asked privately:

>OK, I liked your latest post. Here is my question: What does it cost to set >up 
a 100 gallon Dupla tank?

How close to a "real Dupla" setup?

A Dupla "Optimum Aquarium" has MH lights, wet/dry filter, heating coils and CO2.

>Close approximation is plenty accurate. Excluding live stuff.  

This is based on what I paid some time ago.  Used stuff will be lots cheaper. 
Reduce costs appropriately for degrees of DIY.  

A suspended hood with two 175w 5500K MH lights plus two 40w Fl bulbs is about 
$500 (Hamilton Technologies).  Two light timers are $30.  Figure on replacing 
one MH bulb every 6 months ($60). 

Wet/dry filters are about $160 plus $100 for a decent pump + $35 for PVC 
plumbing and decent ball valves. 

Heating coils are about $150 plus $75 for a DIY power supply. A controller is 
$100 and up. A 24 step light timer is $15 and will work after some fiddling to 
get the cycles right. 

Figure $200 for a CO2 bottle and gear.  $100 for a commercial reactor.  $300 for 
a controller and solenoid. 

$50 for Duplarit-G laterite. 

So figure about $1800 plus tank, stand, gravel, livestock and test kits.  Our 
first semi-Dupla (no heating coils) 100g acrylic tank was $2500 in 1991 dollars 
including a custom oak stand and all incidentals.  

Makes paying $50 for "dirt" seem "not so bad", eh?

>And what does it cost for Dupla supplies to keep it going (per month or ???).   

About $7 per month if you invest in large sizes.  More per month if you can't 
afford the cost of entry. 

George "Are your eyes watering yet?"