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It took me four years of hunting for SAE's and I now have all I can use
(around 30) but will probably pick up another 30 or so.  Perhaps my
quest will help others.  First of all, at the importer level the SAE is
now more frequently called by its new country, Thai.  So they call them
Thai algae eaters at some importers.  I have been going with a LFS owner
to a wholesaler in Pontiac, Mi called R. J. Rae (or Ray).  This is the
time of year for SAE's.  About a month ago we saw some that looked like
SAE's but they were called stone lapping loaches.  Got them home,
checked N. Frank's great article and son of a gun if they arent SAE's.

Next trip down we found a tank of mixed flying fox, a fish that looked
similar and SAE's.  

The wholesale price for what are really SAE's (RJ's is calling them
stone lapping loaches) is only 75 cents.  If you are in the area around
Pontiac, have your LFS contact RJ's and get some.  Preuss's animal house
in Haslett, Mi has lots of them.  I suspect RJ will ship to any local
fish store so you will need to have them contact RJ's.

Bottom line is first of all know how to identify SAE's by reviewing Neil
Franks article.  Then be aware the name will probably not be SAE when
you do find them.  

BTW, it is nice to see the brush or beard algae slowly go away.  Also, a
final note is that RJ's also had some Ammono shrimp which were wholesale
at $1.50 each.  I got a half dozen and lost 3 right away and have
observed no algae eating by the others.  Tank has all types of algae but
at this point I am not sold on shrimp.  

Earle Hamilton
Aquatic Gardners' Assn

Since there is so much