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Re: SAE's

>Date: Thu, 23 Apr 1998 08:13:26 -0500
>From: Nora & Terry Turner <turner1 at iamerica_net>
>Subject: SAE's
>I am looking for some SAE's to help out with this &^%#! algae problem.  I
>can't find any locally - they all think I'm crazy and try to sell me more
>Chinese (been there, done that).  Does anyone know of anywhere in southeast
>Louisiana that I can find these guys?  Or of a good place to mail-order
>them?  I've looked through the archives, but the availability info seems to
>be at least one year old.  Anything new??

We just got them in Houston about three weeks ago, after hearing about them
showing up around the country for the last few months.  (This is apparently
the time of year they appear in stores.)  Maybe they're headed your way.

I got some a few weeks ago, but by then I had practically solved my red and
green algae problem using an offshoot of the PMDD method -- specifically,
by adding KNO3 and causing the aquarium to go from being nitrate-limited to
being phosphate-limited.  Now I find myself in the unusual position of
trying to get algae to grow to feed the SAE's!


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