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Re: lacy leaves

Olga wrote:

> I have a healthy stand of giant hygro in my aquarium that I regularly prune
> and take to my LFS. The last three batches I have taken have gone through a
> strange change. All of the older leaves become lace-like... full of a
> network of holes. They apparently do this quite quickly... too quickly for
> it to be something eating them. The tanks the cutting are put into don't
> have as much light as mine but they have enough light. They use DIY CO2 and
> fertilize plus they have Terralit in the gravel (same as me). They have
> tested water and found nothing out of wack. They tried it in another tank
> with calcium and magnesium (which the first tank lacks) but got the same
> thing happening. Anyone know what would cause leaves to do this?

With a rapid onset "something eating them" seems like the only thing
likely.  I was talking to the plant person at my favorite LFS (yes, they
actually have a specialist, and she has experience) about some
ugly-looking echinodorus in some of their tanks.  They had a problem with
sword plants where the entire central part of the leaves would get paper
thin and turn brown and lacy literally overnight.  She was positive that
it was caused by plecos rasping the leaves.  The shop sells a lot of
odd-ball plecos, and they seem to be in most every tank.

Could that be the problem with the giant hygro?

Roger Miller