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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V3 #222

At 03:48 AM 4/23/1998 -0400, Olga asked:
>From: Olga Betts <sae at arts_ubc.ca>
>Subject: Lace like leaves
>I have a healthy stand of giant hygro in my aquarium that I regularly prune
>and take to my LFS. The last three batches I have taken have gone through a
>strange change. All of the older leaves become lace-like... full of a
>network of holes. They apparently do this quite quickly... too quickly for
>it to be something eating them.

Olga, my guess (and it is JUST A GUESS) is that your plants used to have
PLENTY of something, and now they have barely enough.  Your LFS has none.
Your plants used to have enough to draw on reserves and now they don't,
they show deficiency symptoms right away.  You need to go back to having
plenty.  Oh, and incidentally, you need to figure out what the something is.

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