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newly planted tank

Hi all,

Well, I finally planted my 120g tank--it 'tis beautiful!  I hope I did
everything right!  I have a layer of DuplaRit G and then I placed one of
their tablets into the gravel near each set of plants-a fertilizer, I
guess.  My ph was 8.0 when I planted and I will test it again before
adding my cycle fish--seems like I may need to bring it down a bit
more.  I've seen posts about the Jobe's spikes--which ones are we
talking about?  Will these type chemicals hurt the fish?  How do I place
them--1 near each plant or just a few scattered in the tank?  When do I
need to add more fertilizer?  After the fish are in, will I still need
to fertilize the plants or do the fish take care of this for me?

Wow, I get a question answered and 10 more pop into my mind :)  Thanks
to all on this list--what a help!
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