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Re:AC in tank

>A pH monitor is a VERY sensitive circuit. I wonder if the design is 
>correct and 
>robust enough? I wonder if there are ground loop problems involved (improper 
>isolation of the PC power supply and the probe circuitry)?  

I have been in touch with Hanna  Well there suggestion was to ground the 
tank to the rs232 ground. I did and no better. But while I was at it I 
figured I would ground it to 
 everything I could. I even did the old coil of the probe line around a 
 troid. Nothin'...then as I was moving the alligator clip off the BNC, I 
 touched it to the probe shield, and voila, its stable. Told Hanna about 
the solution.

Thanks George, and David. It really is a neat device.....NOW

Best to you

Ric Cooney
RicCooney at Worldnet_att.net

"Any technology sufficiently advanced, is indistinguishable from magic."
Albert Einstein, (I think)