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Re: Yeast intrusion

When I first installed my DIY CO2 system I simply drew air out via a
installed protein skimmer in a hang on the back wet dry I had scavenged of
one of my marine tanks. The system worked well for several weeks leading to
an extremely thick plant growth. Though I had a constant bacterial bloom on
the glass surface but clear water. It did not seem to coat my plants except
dead and dieing leaves which I removed ASAP. Assuming this was yeast and
aware of there habits of consuming all available oxygen I checked the level
of Dissolved oxygen there was no noticable drop. Now I have not conducted a
BOD test which might yeild interesting results. Usually I just scraped the
glass every two days or so and that kept it fairly aesthetically pleasing.
Unfortunately in a couple weeks a rather viscous brownish slime had
accumulated in the protein skimmer body and the filter sump. Clogging my
pumps. The yeast had also colonized the tubing up to the powerhead. My
solution to use a second 16 oz bottle injecting the CO2 from the fermenter
at the bottom through alcohol (I used Vodka)about 3 inches deep to kill any
fugitive yeast and drawing the CO2 out through the air space above the
liquid. You have to be careful to keep the unit as tightly sealed as
possible to prevent CO2 from escaping. If you keep your yeast aerobic to
increase the yeild of CO2 to gram of sugar you can pressurize the system
using a small airpump. Hope this helps anyone with yeat intrusion problems

Original message:

My biologically filtered 5.5gal has been infested with my diy co2
solution via cat. I have changed 70% of water 2 times in a 72 hour
period. The water clears up momentarily but then reverts to a white
cloudy mixture. I have tried using charcoal to aid in filtration but... 
nothing.  The rocks and plants have a film that looks like it could be
overcome, but my substrate might be going anaerobic on me.... when I was
cleaning the gravel, many small bubbles emerged from the substrate.
Could this possibly be due to the undergravel co2 injector or is it what
I fear? So- is the problem terminal or can patience and cleanings
suffice. Oh, I leave town on wed morning!   PH 6.5-KH-2-DIY co2-Fluval
1w/biological material-18w mini might. Crypt wendeti-Pennywort-Riccia
Also- this tank is still going through its cycle!!