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Re: Open for discussion

FACT:  Florida produces more aquatic plants than anywhere else in the
FACT:  The outdoor ponds in Florida do not have undergravel heating nor
does Tropica in Denmark in their hydroponics growing (no substrate --
plants in "rock wool" or on "driftwood" - never have been in soil,
"laterite" or gravel.
FACT:  Plants raised in Florida have never had "laterite".
FACT:  The largest variety of aquatic plants are raised in Florida.
FACT:  Wild plants shipped out of Florida are gathered from mud base
FACT:  The greatest number of aquatic plants are raised without the
presence of fish.
FACT:  Over-fertilization brings on algae

Various soil mixtures are used in the ponds with gravel.  Some just use
"builders' sand" which is different in all parts of Florida and the

One conclusion is that it depends on the expertise of the grower as to the
necessity to fertilize if an apparent deficiency presents itself. The same
applies in the aquarium in that every aquarium will be different and
growing aquatic plants in the aquarium is as much an artform rather than an
exact science.  

There are more facts and more conclusions, certainly, which I would like to
see presented.  One thing certain is that we must do everything in
moderation and depend on the results that are not immediate in the confines
of an aquarium where our fish are fertilizing all the time.  

Dupla has an aquarist that works on two aquariums daily.  Plants that are
not doing well are replaced in order to present the perfect picture.  It's
their business.

George Booth, among others, have the artform and scientific background to
come close to the "perfect picture"; but the average hobbyist on the APD
has not done the research to come anywhere close to his artistry and

Every aquarium is going to be different; water in every area is different;
lighting is different, etc.

I suggest that this is an artform and the same as a "green thumb" in the
garden, growing African Violets, Orchids, etc.

What are your thoughts?