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Re: QYNGA: DuplaPlant24 shelf life?

>Date: Mon, 20 Apr 1998 17:31:07 -0500 (CDT)
>From: pitney at alecto_physics.uiuc.edu (John Pitney)
>Subject: QYNGA: DuplaPlant24 shelf life?
>I don't think this one got an answer, so I'll try it again.
>Does anyone have a feel for how long DuplaPlant 24 daily drops stay
>"good"?  The reason I ask is that buying it in 3-month supplies at a time
>will be more expensive than buying the 15-month supply for my one
>55-gallon tank.  (I might not be remembering the sizes right--I think
>they are 10mL and 50mL.)  
>I'm going to start with the 10mL size anyway, but knowing the shelf life
>might be interesting to others on the list.

In my experience, if you keep the Duplaplant 24 out of light (in the box it
came in seems to work fine) then it will last quite a while.  I had a 50 ml
bottle last until I ran out (about 3 years) without discoloration,
precipitation, or cloudiness.

David W. Webb