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Re: Yeast Intrusion

> From: BUFF HARSH <footwork at earthlink_net>
> Subject: yeast intrusion
> My biologically filtered 5.5gal has been infested with my diy co2
> solution via cat. I have changed 70% of water 2 times in a 72 hour
> period.  The water clears up momentarily but then reverts to a white
> cloudy mixture.

I experienced the same thing when my yeast solution was
sucked into my 70 gallon tank by a power head with a clogged
filter.  Massive water changes helped temporarily, but the
water quickly became cloudy again.

My theory on why this happens is that the water changes
remove most of the yeast, but then the remaining yeast
reproduces, clouding the water again.  In my tank, the water
remained cloudy until (I think) all the sugar in the tank
was consumed by the yeast.  At that time, the yeast go into
a dormant state and sink to the bottom of the tank, awaiting
better conditions/more sugar.  In my case, this took about
10 days.  More massive water changes might accelerate the
process.  See the following web page for a  description of
the yeast life cycle by David Gauthier on which my theory is


> I have tried using charcoal to aid in filtration but...
> nothing.  The rocks and plants have a film that looks like it could be
> overcome, but my substrate might be going anaerobic on me.... when I was
> cleaning the gravel, many small bubbles emerged from the substrate.
> Could this possibly be due to the undergravel co2 injector or is it what
> I fear? 

Well, if you read the above link you will know that first
thing yeast will do in solution is use up all the available
oxygen.  In my tank, this was demonstrated very quickly by
all the fish gasping at the surface for air.  I was able to
keep the fish alive (and apparently happy) using a power
head to churn the water at the surface and using all the air
pumps I had in the house to continuously bring water from
the bottom of the tank to the top.  If you're worried about
your substrate going anaerobic from this, I suggest you run
an air stone in your tank until the situation is fixed up. 
If you have fish in aeration will be essential to their

>  So- is the problem terminal or can patience and cleanings
> suffice. Oh, I leave town on wed morning!   PH 6.5-KH-2-DIY co2-Fluval
> 1w/biological material-18w mini might. Crypt wendeti-Pennywort-Riccia
> Also- this tank is still going through its cycle!!

It's not terminal...My suggestions for coping with this...

1.  Aerate immediately if you have any fish in the tank, or
are worried about your substrate going anaerobic.

2.  Clean your mechanical filter at least daily, or more
often if you can...the yeast will clog it pretty quickly.

3.  Do water changes to speed the reduction in sugar

4.  Vacuum the plants and the surface of the substrate
regularly to remove the yeast as it goes dormant and drops
out of solution.

Best of luck....

Paul Chapman
Saskatoon, SK