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Re: thickness of root hairs

> Date: Wed, 15 Apr 1998 00:37:21 -0700
> From: Stephen Pushak <teban at powersonic_bc.ca>
> How thick are the root hairs which aquatic plants use to gather iron and
> manganese in the anaerobic zones of the substrate?

Steve, I hope one of the real biologists on the list will give you
a more precise answer.  As far as I know, root hairs are extensions
from individual cells.  I'll just make a wild guess that a root cell
is on the order of 1-10 microns in diameter and a root hair is 0.1 to
1 micron in diameter, and about the length of the diameter of the body
of the cell.

I hope this helps, or at least helps flush someone with Real Facts
out of the underbrush.