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Worms - Help

I have a 55 gallon tank I have been using as an extra tank for plants and
dither fish. The tank has gone through the nitrogen cycle and is sparsely
planted. Two weeks ago, when I returned from being out of town for two
weeks, I found that most of the fish in the tank were dead. I would imagine
that it was from either too much CO2, or too much food from the automatic
feeder I was using.

I did numerous water changes and thought I had the tank in pretty good shape
until last night I noticed a lot of worms sticking out of the substrate.
These are not Planaria that I know show up sometimes in tanks. These are
very thin and brown and are sticking out of the substrate in numerous
locations in the tank. The ones near the glass that I can see the whole
length are about two inches long. They are sticking  about half way out of
the substrate and seem to be waving back and forth with the water current.
I would almost think they were earth worms except they are very pointed at
the ends, and very thin.  They are not solid brown, but somewhat reticulated
with some darker rings equally spaced up and down the body. I have never fed
live foods to the fish in this tank, so they cannot be worms that survived
being eaten.

Has anyone ever seen such things??? If so, what are they and what is the
best way to get rid of them?

Ken Guin
kenguin at homemail_com