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yeast intrusion

My biologically filtered 5.5gal has been infested with my diy co2
solution via cat. I have changed 70% of water 2 times in a 72 hour
period. The water clears up momentarily but then reverts to a white
cloudy mixture. I have tried using charcoal to aid in filtration but... 
nothing.  The rocks and plants have a film that looks like it could be
overcome, but my substrate might be going anaerobic on me.... when I was
cleaning the gravel, many small bubbles emerged from the substrate.
Could this possibly be due to the undergravel co2 injector or is it what
I fear? So- is the problem terminal or can patience and cleanings
suffice. Oh, I leave town on wed morning!   PH 6.5-KH-2-DIY co2-Fluval
1w/biological material-18w mini might. Crypt wendeti-Pennywort-Riccia
Also- this tank is still going through its cycle!!

								thanks,Buff Harsh