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Re: compact horticultural lighting

In a message dated 98-04-14 17:02:58 EDT,

<< My problem: the reflectors are designed to cover an area of 5'X5', My tank
 > is 5' long(no problem) but the area covered in width would also be five
 > seems to me to be alot of wasted light. >>

I've run across some horticultural fixtures that are much more compact than
the big reflectors I believe you are refering to above.  They come in 175 and
250 watt sizes with the bulb mounted horizontally as in the larger fixtures.
The ballast is encosed in the hood.   The unit is roughly  1' X 2' and will
spread light better than a pendant.  Hydrofarm makes one unit, and a clone is
available through Aquatic Ecosystems, an aquaculture supply house.  They are a
bit less expessive than the pendants.

Pete Mohan