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Plant deficiency (deficiencies?)

Hi all,

I'm having some trouble with one of my tanks.  Some of the plants have what
looks like potassium deficiency.  Small holes appear in old leaves and
grow, leaving some sort of connective tissue network; the affected area
eventually ends up looking lika a Madagascar Lace Plant.  This has been
happening with my Hygrophila for some time.  I tried adding potassium in
the form of K2SO4, about double the dosage recommended in the PMDD mix.
This is in addition to Kent Freshwater Plant mix.  I also added some Tetra
Crypt Tablets, which are mostly potassium.

After adding the potassium, the hygrophila seemed to get somewhat better,
although I could always see some problem.  Then about 2 weeks ago I added a
large Rubin sword to the tank (it had outgrown my 30 gal.).  Now both that
sword and the other one in the tank show the same signs, very bad in the
Rubin sword.  

Also, the new growth in the other sword (E. bleheri) is now coming out
brown and very badly stunted.  It was growing very well only a few weeks ago.

Is there something else that looks like potassium deficiency that could
also cause stunting of new leaves?  I've checked the deficiency chart on
the Krib but I can't quite match it up.  Or maybe I have two deficiencies.

Other relevant tank parameters:
	Substrate:  gravel only		Water change 10%/week
	Medium Fish load			Nitrates 0 ppm
	78 deg. F.				CO2 Yeast method
	pH 6.5 - 7.2 				~3 watts/gal fluorescent light
	GH 120 ppm? (by Aquarium Pharmaceuticals test kit, don't know how to
convert this number)



Chetlen Crossnoe			Baylor College of Medicine
cc691077 at bcm_tmc.edu			Structural & Computational Biology
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