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Re: crayfish

Jeff wrote:

> This may be a bit off topic. While collecting some plants yesterday in a
> local spring a crawfish backed out of his lair and is now in one of my
> tanks. I posted a note in the NG about what to feed him. (BTW he seemed
> to love the shrimp pellet) Someone wrote back and said that they were
> plant eaters! Has anyone on the list had any experience with crawfish
> eating plants? The reply said they will use their claws to cut off the
> plants and then eat them. Doesn't sound right to me but now I am
> wondering.

By the time you read this, you may already know...

I haven't kept crayfish, but an acquaintance of mine does.  She says
they're very effect scavengers - willing to eat pretty much anything,
including dog food - and in addition they'll gladly clear your whole tank
of all those pesky plants!

Roger Miller