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re:Aquatic Plants Digest V3 #206


I'm in the process of setting up a planted discus tank such as you
describe.  Currently my fish are in a bare growout tank at 88 F, lower 
than 6 pH, soft water.  The tank in progress:

55 gal
Substrate: Flourite & plain gravel mix
Filter: Magnum 350 with biowheels
DIY Substrate heating, 40 Watt
40 watt X 4 flourescent hood

I am planning on ordering most plants from Arizona Aquatic Gardens,
and when I spoke with them yesterday they recommended the following
for a high-temp, soft water, low-pH tank:

  tropic Sunset & Green hygros
  rotal indica

  Echinodorus: oriental, ruffle, ozela, blehri
   - some crypts, but I cut him off saying I didn't want to
     start with them... I'm starting to rethink that now that
     I've talked with another local discus/plant person...

  Vals: jungle and contortionist

  Sags: dwarf

  misc: dwarf water onion, rangeri sword

The "other local discus/plant person"  has told me that the Java
fern and moss do fine and also he's found it impossible to kill any of
the popular anubias.  His crypt wendtii and lutea have also done well
but he mentions that they do get shocked easily and melt back.

Since I'm just setting my tank up, I don't have anything to trade just 
yet, but thought I'd provide the list of plants they recommended
(ulterior motive: to see what the 'real' experts think too!)

Good luck!

Brent Harsh
cnc291 at nortel_ca
>Date: Thu, 16 Apr 1998 00:08:03 -0700
>From: "Toan T." <RiceGuy at stones_com>
>Subject: anyone have extra plants?
>Hi all,
>	Could anyone recommend a few plants for a discus tank?
>(dont have discus yet) Or does anyone here have extra
>plants that could survive 30 C (86 F) water? I'd be more
>than happy to pay for the plants, shipping, inconvience,
>Toan Tran