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Iron Levels

Paul Sears wrote:

>I thought I did see a reply to this, something to the effect that if
>the tank was _really_ short of iron to begin with, the plants would grab
>the iron and it wouldn't show up in the water.  That seems quite likely.
>I'm a bit puzzled by the "40 mL of PMDD trace mix (4% iron)" above.  Do you
>mean that you made up "PMDD", using 4% iron trace mix, and then added 40 mL
>of the solution

If there was a reply, I missed it. I did get some personal replies and yours
to the last post. BTW, the consensus seems to be that I should go more on
how the plants look rather than test results.

Just for the record:  when I said 40 ml of PMDD trace mix (4% iron), I was
referring to the mixed solution (with no other ingredients).  I have been
using PMDD for about six months, but just before I added the 40ml, I had not
dosed for three weeks because of being out of town.  The 40 ml was an
accumulation of about 8 doses of 5 ml each over a two day period. I used
that much to see if I could get some type of reading with the LaMotte iron
test (I never did). I don't have any idea either why 40 ml in a 100g tank
would not show on the LaMotte test, but it sure didn't.

Thanks Paul for your response and the others who wrote me personally. I will
continue to dose at the same rates as I used to and just keep an eye on the
plants. However, I will probably test occasionally just to justify the cost
of the LaMotte test kit.

Ken Guin
kenguin at homemail_com