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Re: turning off an UGF

Jennifer writes:

<< Hi everyone, does anyone have any thoughts on just turning off an UGF?
> I do it one stack at a time? Will I run into a lot of trouble? It's a 77
> with a 403 Fluval as well. The tank has been up and running for a year but
> I'd like to nix the UGF without breaking down the whole tank. Anyone's
> experiences would be appreciated. >>

Turning off one stack without plugging it off will just cause water to flow
down one tube and up the other with no or very minimal flow.  Better would be
to reduce the flowrate on both tubes at once, and watch the ammonia/nitrite
levels for a week or so.  If no excess builds up, reduce it further.
Eventually you should be able to get the UGF turned off provided the Fluval
and plants are providing enough biological reduction.

Bob Dixon