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water garden problems, filters

The following message was relayed to me as a technical advisor for the
Aquatic Gardeners Association. I don't have any practical experience
with ponds so I think the APD is the best place for this question.
Please CC Tom on your response at demonst at mssl_uswest.net

Tom Demons <demonst at mssl_uswest.net> wrote:

I've just read about your magazine [TAG] on the net and am interested in
one of your back copies.  However, can you tell me if your magazine (or
your personnel) have any information about pond filters?  I have a water
garden (2 years old) and I've had a devil of a problem with sediment and
algae.  Whatever advice you can lead me to will be sorely appreciated.

Does your magazine offer advice, help regarding pond sediment and algae.
I'm in real need of a good filter, one that doesn't cost me the farm.

--Tom Demmons