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Re: turning off an UGF

>Date: Tue, 14 Apr 1998 17:04:12 -0700
>From: "Jennifer Koopmansflyer@" <flyer at island_net>
>Subject: turning off an UGF
>Hi everyone, does anyone have any thoughts on just turning off an UGF?
>I do it one stack at a time? Will I run into a lot of trouble? It's a 77
>with a 403 Fluval as well. The tank has been up and running for a year but
>I'd like to nix the UGF without breaking down the whole tank. Anyone's
>experiences would be appreciated.

Go ahead and turn it off.  Your greatest liklihood of problem is if you
have accumulations of unmetabolized detrius or food in your substrate that
could evolve accumulations of H2S when they go anaerobic.  If you've
recently vacuumed your substrate (before turning off the UGF), you have
less of a chance of this situation.  Of course, if the tank is heavily
planted, vacuuming the substrate can be difficult, and may not be
advisable.  If the tank IS heavily planted, you probably don't need to
worry too much about accumulations of anaerobic decay because of the
plants' root systems.

I nixed the UGF in my 55g about 2 years before I re-did the tank and yanked
the plates.  I had no problem with the results, although I had a bad algae
problem, probably due to the beef-heart food I was feeding my angels and

David W. Webb in warm, humid McKinney, TX.