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DIY CO2 Quantity

        I don't believe I have seen this issue addressed during the month
or so I have been lurking on this list so I hope it is not a repeat or a
question of me missing material at the Krib.  The material I have seen on
using DIY yeast CO2 injection talks about using one two liter bottle for a
10 to 20g aquarium.  Fine.
        Would it be better to use two on a 29g aquarium?
        How about four on a 60g?
        Mind you, I'm not implying that I'd do this without consulting the
experts first, but say I had done this, and that a cat had, say, knocked
over one of the bottles so its contents merrily chugged into the 29g and I
found it up to two days later because I was out of town, is there a
standard clean up procedure (I've already done three water changes, plants
appear fine, lost two plecos, five tetras, some ghost shrimp ).  Water
tests out as (Wardley's) 0 Ammonia, 0 Nitrite, Ph 7.0 (up form 6.5--big
suprise to me).
        So I guess I have two basic questions:
        How much CO2 is enough?
        How can I clean the white soup out of my 29gal?
Thanks in advance;


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