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Iron Levels

APD Listers:

A week or so ago, I asked if anyone could help me figure out the quantity of
trace mix I needed to add to my 100g tank to reach the proper iron levels.
No one ever responded, so I thought I would try to ask the question another

I have tested my tank and have no indication of iron being in the tank. I
added approximately 40ml of PMDD trace mix (4% iron) to the tank without any
iron showing up in the tests.  I know the test kits work, so what is going
on here? I am afraid to add more of the trace mix solution since I am not
sure what would happen if I overdosed (whatever that amount may be).

If anyone knows how I can safely get my tank's iron level up without killing
everything is sight, I sure would appreciate the help.

Ken Guin
kenguin at homemail_com