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I have some time release fertilizer called Throw and Grow. It is a
20-4-10, similar to osmocote.  I have been considering setting up a
small 10 gal test tank with 30 watts of compact flourescent lighting
using the infamous kitty litter technique thus the time release
fertilizer question.  On the package the stuff says "Throw & Grow
provides sufur coated urea (n) and polymer coated Potassium(K) for
time-release feeding, along with plant-available phosphorous (P) to
support initial and continued growth of container grown plant"
	From reading old posts in the archive am I correctly infering that
sulfur would not be a welcome addition to the substrate?  Is this stuff
entirely unsuitable for use in an aquarium? Thanks for any replies.
 -Brian Head

In sunny Joplin, MO where the flowering dogwoods are doing just that.