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Re:Are these Ballast that easy to install?

Robert wrote,

>I just have a couple things that I am still confused.-Are these
ballast that easy to install ( an electronic, instant start ballast)
because I went to a hardware store to see one for my selfand they look
crazy, with all these wires coming out. I know there is instructions
on the ballast but can anyone figure out what goes where?

If you are this confused about wiring, you really shouldn’t be trying 
to wire up a hood. Why not buy a prewired ballast with end caps?  You
can get one with an electronic ballast for 2 40W lamps for about $55.

>if I build a hood with waterproof endcaps and ballast outside of the
hood then I don't need any glass to protect the tubes? is that right.
But with my other hood, when I open the lid there is condensation
everywhere, wouldn't algae grow on the tube itself and block the light
coming out?

Just allow for air circulation and you won’t have a condensation
problem.  I have had a couple of hoods build with just shop lights and
no cover glass and they work fine.

Jim Spencer
Sayre, PA

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