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Echinodorus bieheri turing from green to brown

Echinodorus bieheri turing from green to brown.  Getting a lot of algae
because I put a little to much Flourish in the tank.

Only have 60 watts of florescent lighting in my 50 gal. but will be
increasing it in the near future.  I've had the above plant grow to a
huge size but it turing brown.  Is this normal with an aging plant.
Also had Echinodorus cordifolius which I had to remove because it was
growing taller than my 20 inch tank (normal with this plant).  I think
this shows that I using enough fertilizers (probably too much).  The
lights I am using are sun-glo and aqua-glo.  The sun-glo is gone after
only 3 months.  Triton lights will be the replacements.

ph 6.6
hardness 50 ppm
substrate  kitty litter and #1 silica sand

Thanks for any help!!!