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newbies and substrates

Somehow, my name got snipped onto a statement I didn't make regarding the creation of 
plant aquaria w/plain gravel substrates.

My original post just described an experiment which compared two tanks, both 
using laterite (Duplarit G), but one with about twice the amount of the other. 
I mentioned in there that I have had nice tanks using plain gravel substrates.  
I did not say I didn't use fertilizers (beyond fish waste) however!  I have 
always added fertilizer to the water, with or w/out gravel additives.  I didn't 
used to use CO2 and now I do.  I didn't used to use gravel additives and now I 

These changes in methods were made because with the use of laterite in the 
gravel, higher light levels, a good liquid fertilizer, and the additon of CO2, I 
can grow most anything.  That's the big difference between the high tech method 
and the low tech.  If you're happy growing mostly Cryptocorynes, Anubias, and 
perhaps Hygrophila polysperma, Rotala indica and Echinodorus, then the low tech 
way works fine.

But, if you want that sparkly, bubble-producing, highly productive, and most of 
all DIVERSE look, the high tech tank is the way to, IMHO.  Hope all the people 
who have had success w/other species w/out additives don't all come out and yell 
at me now.  Just sharing personal experiences.

Roxanne Bittman