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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V3 #200

About 10 years back, I had a 90 gallon reef tank with a wet dry setup.  After
selling off the saltwater stuff, I began a 90 gallon plant tank using the wet dry
filter and two broad spectrum bulbs and two blue actinic.  Someone had told me the
blue spectrum is all that reaches the plants at their natural depth.  Well the
plants and tank did great for the two years I had it set up.  I sold all the stuff
and have started again and noticed that the members of the list don't like to use
blue actinics and I've seen no mention of wet dry filters.   I'm currently using two
Penguin Emperor biowheel setups on my 75 gallon with two "grow lights" and two blue
actinics.  Java fern and giant Val are doing great.  The Amazon Rubra swords aren't
doing much other than sending out wimpy twisted leaves.  The crypts are doing pretty
good, too.  No substrate at this time.  I've already posted a query about using
kitty litter.
One thing I did use from my "reef" days is an extension of pvc elbow and tube that
plugs into the water return tubes on the Penguins.  The 1/2" PVC tube has holes
drilled at intervals in it so it returns the water to the bottom rear of the tank
causing constant  water movement around the base of the plants.  It keeps debris
from collecting around the root crowns.  Made an especially big improvement in the
giant Vals.
Any comments or suggestions?